Monday, June 30

This is SO wrong

Does this have "extremely unconventional father/daughter relationship" written all over it?

Now, I love Annie Leibovitz...but this photo to me, is just pretty sickening. A little too much sex thrown in...Or is it just me?

Puttin' a little love in your heart...

And if THIS doesn't make you smile, then you just don't deserve to.

Sunday, June 29

Indiana Who?

We had a date night this weekend. I've been wanting to see the new Indiana Jones, and that didn't sound reprehensible to Chee, so we had Auntie come over to watch Monkee, and headed out. Good action sequences for the most part with the major exception of the monkeys. Picture it - Amazonian rain forest, hordes of monkeys (picture "Dexter" from "night at the museum"), swinging from vines, aka Tarzan, then, miraculously our mini-hero begins to the do the same. You really have to see it to get the whole view... we thought it was the worst, cheesiest, most horrendous action sequence known to man (or beast). We looked at one another in utter disbelief - more like a Disney movie than a action movie. Really horrible. I was embarrassed for the movie - could barely watch. 'Course, I'm far from feeling sorry for the Lucas/Spielberg mix...i was just expecting SO much more.

So I'm wondering, what did you think of movie? Did the monkey swinging scene disgust you as much as it did us?

I know the trailers at the beginning always show the best parts of a flick, but we really wanted to see several of the films they showed, especially "Hancock". Damn, I love Will Smith.

There was a big crowd for Wall-E -- no doubt Pixar has once again reigned as the dollar winner of the weekend. We usually go to independent never fails that once we go to a "popular' film, we regret it. We just don't leave the theater with anything, and with less in our pocket. It's always nice to come away from a movie with something thought-provoking, or at the very least, a few good scenes we can re-hash later. Not really anything like that in the Indiana movie (with the exception of the age jokes, at least they didn't completely ignore that). And I have always loved the Indiana movies. Maybe they're just too juvenile for my sensibilities?

At least we have the option of several indie theaters close to us. Wouldn't want my brain to start leaking from my ears from watching pop films.

Tuesday, June 24

Animal Checkout

Monkee and I were in the doctor's office today, preparing for her first visit with a new doctor by reading "Pooh Visits the Doctor." In typical Pooh fashion, he misheard Christopher Robin and thought instead of an Annual CHeckup, he was getting an Animal Checkout. To my mind, they seem about the same thing, really.

Although Monkee did a fabulous job - weighed, measured, "bear hug" from the blood pressure cuff, hopped on one foot when asked, and started talking to the dr.a mile a minute, it all went to hell in a handbasket when we had to get her blood drawn. Monkee has a peanut allergy, and hasn't been tested for it in over 2 years, so they had to draw blood.

There is little worse than holding your child while they scream for their momma, because their real momma wouldn't let someone stick a needle in them for their own good. I HATED it.

Then we got ice cream and it was all better.

Thursday, June 12

Fun on a train with Monkee and friend

Doesn't that sound like a cartoon on Noggin?
And they went fast!

Fruit on a stick

Talk about the perfect bouquet for a pregnant woman! Thanks, friends. It's gone already.

Monkee helped.

Wednesday, June 11

Tattoo no-no

It has to be summer...on my way home yesterday, driving on Gillham, I saw a guy from the back, walking his dog, with long shorts and no shirt. No big deal, except he had this intense tribal tattoo all over his back. My first thought - pretty cool. My second - Yeowch!

Here's the weird part. On my way to work this morning, saw a guy walking his dog a little past the spot where I saw the other dog-walker. Suspiciously, the same shorts, no shirt. Walking towards me.

SAME guy. And here's the *shudder* part. He had a tattoo on his front - an outline of a wife-beater shirt. Who DOES that?

Happy day to me

It's only Wednesday, and it's been a stress-filled week. Work is fine, just busy, a good thing. My volunteer gig is draining, though. I love the group, but don't know how much longer I can juggle work, home life, baby-to-come, and volunteer duties. I feel like home is not getting my full attention, and that is so important since Monkee will have to start sharing me in a few months...not to mention my lack of time with Chee. I feel like I'm on the computer all the bloody time, dealing with volunteer stuff.

Oh, and its my birthday. Which has actually been pretty fabulous. Flowers, love letter and choco pie from my sweetie last night - lunch and something else (?) this evening from him. Great 4-layer choco/raspberry cake made by a co-worker, plus something coming in the mail from the Llamas . Monkee made me a very cute card a few days ago and could not wait to give it to me. Several ecards and notes out of the blue from friends. And the yearly birthday song from my dad, who calls every year, first thing in the morning, without fail.

Damn, I'm a lucky woman.

Monday, June 9

Dancing in the 'Burbs

I'll be posting photos later...but suffice it to say, on Saturday evening we saw the most beautimus little red-haired Angel strutting her 4yr old dance skills, on a BIG, scary stage, in front of big kids, parents, grandparents and random drunk people. She was a rock star, and Monkee loved watching her, was completely jealous of the fancy dance costume and now wants to take another dance class.

After, they rode a kiddie train a million times, driven by by a nice old man with two hearing aids and a need for speed...they rode ponies...they skipped, held hands and giggled. It was wonderful.

Best friends are the coolest when you're 4.

Thursday, June 5

Another win for women everywhere

First Woman to ride to the win at the Belmont Stakes.
Great job, Julie Krone (on Colonial Affair).

Wednesday, June 4

Everyone deserves to dream

Almost makes me want to learn to hang glide.


B-day party critters

I'm not just talking about human critters, but other, more fuzzy kinds.

Monkee loved her party - pony cake, lots of friends, and best of all, critters! (This photo also does a great job of showing my baby weight, lordy.)

Critter 1 - Owl (This one is 30 yrs old!)

Critters 2 and 3 were a baby possum and a snake. They were a HUGE hit. The kids fed the possum grapes, which they thought was just amazing. It doesn't take much to entertain a group of 4 yr olds.

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