Monday, March 20

Posting just to Post

I have a strong feeling the next 2 months are going to be crazyiness at work. Meaning little time for writing here. This is my "token" post, just to keep the blog sort of fresh.

My excuse for not writing the last few weeks is, besides mommy time, I was reading two excellent books in my spare time (little as it is). For some reason I've been enjoying YA (Young Adult) books lately. Cornelia Funke especially. When I was a librarian, I often worked in the Children/Teen section, and read a lot of that genre then. Haven't touched them in awhile. I read a review of "Inkspell" and thought it would be a good, quick read. Turns out it was, but be warned, it can be fairly intense. Life and death stuff, not unlike the Harry Potter's.

We're getting a last winter spell - I have to say that I'm enjoying it. Spring is wonderful, but means Summer is nearby. And I really don't enjoy Summer in this part of the country. Sweaty heat. Ugh.

Found a cool site -