Monday, May 4

Crawlin' Fool

For you aunties and g-mas....
List of recent baby accomplishments:
  • 7 months old last week and crawling after the cat

  • pulling herself up and standing in her crib

  • sitting like a champ

  • trying (unsuccessfully) to hurl herself out of the arms of whoever is holding her

  • 4 teeth

  • eating solids

  • feeding herself "puffs"

  • holding her own bottle

  • trying out a sippy cup

  • lifting arms to be picked up

  • yelling after mommy when she leaves the room (which just breaks my heart)
*sigh* She's not supposed to be doing all this yet. I'm not ready.

Work, Life and the Balance

Just imagine, after suffering through daily hell (I'd say more, but legally, i can't)...I am in heaven.

I am now in a place where you're allowed basic schedule flexibility. Where everyone respects one another's skills and there are no staff meeting "call-outs' meant to demean (and demoralize in the process). Where people are treated like professionals. Where collaboration is vital. Where it really IS about the client. And where respect for one another is absolutely key.

People, it's all up from here.