Sunday, August 16

Big Kindergartener

I've been seeing many posts on kids starting school. I can't really dread Monkee going to school - she's been in daycare since she was an itty bitty. I am nervous for her, though. New school. New faces. She may or may not have anyone in her class she knows. And she'll be dealing with all that, plus a new language. Immersion schools are like that; they immerse in the language of choice.

Once she learns an additional language, it should be easier for her to learn others, should she feel the need to do so. And in this ever-shrinking world, can we afford to have kids who speak one language? Sure, English-speakers are almost everywhere, but how can anyone really get a feel for a culture not your own unless you attempt to learn the language?

I'm monolingual. And hate it. I want to give my daughter the world. What better way than to open up other cultures to her? Plus, the teachers at this school are international. What a great way to teach her about all the places she hasn't been - yet.

This first step to the big K is just the first new place to go. I'm so excited for her.


Penguins Can Be So Sensitive said...

I think it's so awesome that you're doing the immersion thing - it really is hard to teach us old dogs new tricks. And if it makes you worry any less, I'm still friends with several of my fellow Kindergarteners: Mrs. Ferguson's PM at Belair. I even go to Colorado every summer with one of them! Lifelong

Anonymous said...

Kids who learn more than one language learn better than those who don't. Everyone should learn more than just one language.