Tuesday, June 9


a sunny lawn spot
she was a good dog back then
rest in peace Gracie

*sigh and sniff*

We got her at five years old, already mildly damaged, but such a good, loyal dogster. Obedient, loving, lick-ist. Let the kid pull her ears and sit on her. Loved us. And we loved her back. She was one of us...We had her for seven years.
We kept her as long as we could. Hearing got bad. Then worse. Thunder, heck, even sprinkles of rain, made her crazy. She bit the kid in the face (4 stitches), became aggressive with adults, chewed chunks of wood from the kitchen and office doors (while on doggie-prozac) during rain storms. We tried medication, and separation from the youngsters. We thought "farm dog" - we'll just keep her outside. But then she gouged huge pieces of siding off the garage (again, while on a mild sedative which didn't work), throwing up wood pulp and chunks of her own stomach. She escaped from the yard time and again, hurting herself in the process... miserable and unable to be part of the family.

It was just time. But damn, I miss her.
RIP - we'll remember the good times, sweet ol' dog. Enjoy the sunny spots.

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Amy Beecham said...

What a touching story about a wonderful dog. Ours is getting old too (11 years old) and I dread that day. My thoughts are with you!