Monday, April 27

What do you send to Camp Victory?

If you had a friend in Iraq, in the Red Zone at Camp Victory, what would you send?

He said since it's like a small city there, he doesn't need anything. I don't buy it. I don't want him to miss home sentimental crap is out. He is a huge reader and movie watcher. Movies he has in abundance. Books, I know he has access to (just not sure how).

He has a very wry and offbeat sense of humor...a former teacher and IT geek, he's simply one of the best guys our family knows, and Chee has known him forever. (If we could only find him a nice single girl...)

Any ideas?

*Mikey - if you're reading this, and you better be, comment and let me know what to pack up for you!
We miss you terribly. Monkee says thanks for the Camel. She has yet to name him, but took him to school today to show off. I'll send a pic soon.
In the meantime, these carrots are for you...

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