Thursday, February 5

Searching for a school

So Little is 4 months now, and her first tooth just came in. I forgot how soggy babies are...not just diaper, but drooly! And I'm pleasantly surprised that I don't mind one bit. Monkee is a little grossed out by it, but doesn't really mind.

We moved Monkee into a new school - Montessori. While i like the teaching method, and her teacher, the asst. teacher is a loud, seemingly worthless lump. Who, i ask you, in a teaching environment (especially Montessori) yells at 4 yr olds? Anyway, Monkee seems to be doing well in the classroom. We're not convinced that she will be there into Kindergarten. We're really just testing the waters. I'm not thrilled with the atmosphere beyond the the classroom. After-care sucks, and the summer program is a little too unknown (meaning no one seems to be able to tell me really what goes on) for our comfort level. We may just take her back to her old Preschool for the summer.

We have two other potential Kindergarten options. One a charter, one a private. Both excellent options and both have things about them that make us uncomfortable. It's incredibly important to make the right decision, since Little will be going wherever her sister goes. And some of our options require the child to be a kindergartener to enroll (no one over the age of 5 can apply).

The drama of trying to find a decent education that won't milk us dry, in a city with a horrible public school system. Such fun.

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Penguins Can Be So Sensitive said...

Which montessori? My brother's kids were at Holiday - they're now at St. Paul's. They LOVE St. Paul's. I'd be glad to hook you up with them if you're looking for input/advice...they agonized over that for a long time. I think they might have info in financial aid options, too...

Can't wait to see y'all sometime!