Thursday, September 18


I refuse to apologize for not posting for a month...I'm pregnant and swollen and hot and fat and none of my pregnancy clothes fit right anymore, so there!

2 weeks to go. Only 2, but it feels like forever. I don't have the "belly" photos, but I just might post them soon.

According to the doc, baby "E" is already around 7.5 lbs. Monkee was that at birth. Makes me a little more than squeamish on the whole "vaginal birth" thing. In fact, getting sliced open like a big turkey starts to sound pretty damn good, actually (my sis, who has had multiple C-sections is sure to disagree on that one - but she's never had to push a 8 lb anything out).

I am asked twice a day, at least, if I'm "ready." Technically, we are. Bags are packed, car seat is in, baby bed is ready, breast pump bought (lovin' ebay), grandmas warned to keep their cell phones on and charged, etc...But my personal "ready" is a little shaky. It's been over 4 years since I last had a newborn. I have many fears and doubts about my abilities...although my Monkee girl is an amazing kid, and I know Chee is right beside me, I'm the mom. I've been the one to feel her bubble and kick and grow these last 38 1/2 weeks. And she'll be my last one. I'll never feel the baby bubbles on the one hand, I'm sad to see this pregnancy end. And on the other, see the first line in this post. I'm SO ready to meet little "E." Any day now, baby girl, any day.


Todd said...

you'll do absolutely fine - everything fell into place almost immediately with Monkee - it's impossible to forget how to be a naturally excellent mom...


Karen said...

I've been thinking about you lots! You are a great mom and that one change adding another rugrat to the mix. Can't wait to hear the good news of her arrival!
Big Hugs!
Karen Crnkovich