Sunday, June 29

Indiana Who?

We had a date night this weekend. I've been wanting to see the new Indiana Jones, and that didn't sound reprehensible to Chee, so we had Auntie come over to watch Monkee, and headed out. Good action sequences for the most part with the major exception of the monkeys. Picture it - Amazonian rain forest, hordes of monkeys (picture "Dexter" from "night at the museum"), swinging from vines, aka Tarzan, then, miraculously our mini-hero begins to the do the same. You really have to see it to get the whole view... we thought it was the worst, cheesiest, most horrendous action sequence known to man (or beast). We looked at one another in utter disbelief - more like a Disney movie than a action movie. Really horrible. I was embarrassed for the movie - could barely watch. 'Course, I'm far from feeling sorry for the Lucas/Spielberg mix...i was just expecting SO much more.

So I'm wondering, what did you think of movie? Did the monkey swinging scene disgust you as much as it did us?

I know the trailers at the beginning always show the best parts of a flick, but we really wanted to see several of the films they showed, especially "Hancock". Damn, I love Will Smith.

There was a big crowd for Wall-E -- no doubt Pixar has once again reigned as the dollar winner of the weekend. We usually go to independent never fails that once we go to a "popular' film, we regret it. We just don't leave the theater with anything, and with less in our pocket. It's always nice to come away from a movie with something thought-provoking, or at the very least, a few good scenes we can re-hash later. Not really anything like that in the Indiana movie (with the exception of the age jokes, at least they didn't completely ignore that). And I have always loved the Indiana movies. Maybe they're just too juvenile for my sensibilities?

At least we have the option of several indie theaters close to us. Wouldn't want my brain to start leaking from my ears from watching pop films.

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