Tuesday, June 24

Animal Checkout

Monkee and I were in the doctor's office today, preparing for her first visit with a new doctor by reading "Pooh Visits the Doctor." In typical Pooh fashion, he misheard Christopher Robin and thought instead of an Annual CHeckup, he was getting an Animal Checkout. To my mind, they seem about the same thing, really.

Although Monkee did a fabulous job - weighed, measured, "bear hug" from the blood pressure cuff, hopped on one foot when asked, and started talking to the dr.a mile a minute, it all went to hell in a handbasket when we had to get her blood drawn. Monkee has a peanut allergy, and hasn't been tested for it in over 2 years, so they had to draw blood.

There is little worse than holding your child while they scream for their momma, because their real momma wouldn't let someone stick a needle in them for their own good. I HATED it.

Then we got ice cream and it was all better.

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