Wednesday, June 11

Happy day to me

It's only Wednesday, and it's been a stress-filled week. Work is fine, just busy, a good thing. My volunteer gig is draining, though. I love the group, but don't know how much longer I can juggle work, home life, baby-to-come, and volunteer duties. I feel like home is not getting my full attention, and that is so important since Monkee will have to start sharing me in a few months...not to mention my lack of time with Chee. I feel like I'm on the computer all the bloody time, dealing with volunteer stuff.

Oh, and its my birthday. Which has actually been pretty fabulous. Flowers, love letter and choco pie from my sweetie last night - lunch and something else (?) this evening from him. Great 4-layer choco/raspberry cake made by a co-worker, plus something coming in the mail from the Llamas . Monkee made me a very cute card a few days ago and could not wait to give it to me. Several ecards and notes out of the blue from friends. And the yearly birthday song from my dad, who calls every year, first thing in the morning, without fail.

Damn, I'm a lucky woman.

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JeanGenie said...

Hi friend! Happy birthday to you(one day later)! Hope you and Chee and Monkee are doing well. My schedule is very flexible, so we should lunch some time soon.