Monday, April 14

The Joys of Chalk (or how much I suck at drawing)

Monkee realized tonight that her easel not only offers wipe-off markering and painting options, but it ALSO has a chalkboard side. Quite the revelation.

And yes, the sad, monstrous pig and leaning barn are mine. Sorry the pictures are not closer, but take my word for it, her happy sun, bunny and "Farmer Jed" are rockin' (see Jed to the left of the barn)!

Then she asked for a castle. Oh dear.

But she liked it enough to add a baby dragon and the princess (see window, left tower). She also requested a "momma dragon" - so I drew the part I could get by with - the head. And yes, those are supposed to be flames. My one saving grace - we were using sidewalk chalk, people. And that stuff is huge!

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