Monday, April 7

Monkee Manufacturing

I can't think of a better excuse for not writing for a month (!), than the above title.

I've been VERY busy. Busy creating another monkee - internal organs, facial features, limbs, brain functions, fingerprints, and everything that goes along with being a tiny human. I'm 15 weeks along - due date Sept. 30.

And I have been sick as a dog. Not just a little sick, but puking every morning sick and "oh-my-god-i'm-in-a-client-meeting-and-just-might-hurl" sick. The last two weeks have been better, with much less nausea. Some days are bad (felt uggy and headache all day yesterday). And some days are better. This morning started off rough - saw a cat puke (lovely way to start a Monday morning) and there was a chain reaction. *sigh*

SO - enough about that. I've been going to bed right after Monkee, so my blogging time has gone the way of the Dodo. I'm attempting to write during my lunch hour. We'll see how it progresses.

Suffice it to say we are very excited about baby 2. Monkee is thrilled. She hugs the baby, talks to the baby, tells us what a good big sister she'll be and swears it's a girl. We were concerned about telling her so early, but since I've been a little "delicate" lately, we needed to tell her something. She's been my little rock star.

Chee has been wonderful. I've heard about husbands who don't give their wives any slack when they're pregnant and don't even attempt to understand the things we go through. Not my Chee - he's my goofy knight in shining hiking boots. And I loves him.

For those aunts readying this...I'll try to post the sonogram when we get it.


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JeanGenie said...

So sorry about all the puking! That's awful. I'm glad you're feeling better. I tend to agree with Monkee and think the baby is a girl too (because of all the puking). Thank goodness for ginger ale!