Friday, February 22

Happy Birthday, my love!

Today is my wonderful Chee's big day. He's feeling a bit "old", but he's one of those lucky few who will never look his true age. He's perfect for one of those Dove commercials.

There is so much he wanted to accomplish by this age, and he's doing it, bit by bit. I'm very proud of his tenacity and talent. (also a bit jealous) And I know whatever he sets his mind to, he can and will make happen. Because he's just that kind of guy.

To celebrate this wonderful man's birth, I started out with big plans to have a party out somewhere. Then decided we could have everyone over. That sounded too exhausting, so I pulled it back a bit and now we're going to a bar (!) tonight to meet a few friends - first time we've been out on a Friday in years, well, months at least. Monkee is thoroughly enjoying her time with her Nana this everning, and our lovely housekeeper (doesn't that sounds fancy?), Misty, left my house 30 minutes ago and it looks & smells marvelous. Misty is my luxury - today was the first time she's been over in years, and now I plan on making her visit a regular occurrence. It's really one less thing for me to fret over.

Saturday, having some friends we don't see very often over for food, and Sunday, brunch with the fam, which will be out somewhere as I'm not in the cooking mood. Meal Makers and the crockpot are in charge for our little dinner on Saturday. HyVee, my tried and true, will be supplying the cake. (This kind of statement irks my mother to no end. It was a travesty to her when she found out I bought Monkee's birthday cakes. "I always made yours", she said, with obvious hurt. All I can say is that I know what I'm getting when I buy a cake. Otherwise, it could be a very dangerous, unpalatable situation. And no one wants that on their birthday.)

So - Happy Birthday to my favorite man. I'm lucky to have you as a husband and friend. And Monkee is so incredibly blessed to have you as her Daddy.

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