Thursday, January 17

Ill on a Snow Day

No one likes to read about other people being ill with a virus. It's not interesting, really, just pathetic. We all go through it, so I'll spare you the detail. Suffice it say, I spent yesterday taking care of myself, and my kid (who was much sicker than I, and much more stoic about it). Today we both feel much better, but not well enough for work or school, so it has been a day for resting, light playing and working as much as I can from home.

I considered going into work, but I'd hate to get everyone sick, plus, Monkee's school closed on account of weather. Which I just can't get over.

It rained yesterday, then sleeted, then a light snow. It was slick in spots, and there were traffic issues on the radio this morning. Many schools are closed. I just can't get used to it. Where I grew up, school was NEVER closed. Snow days were something our parents talked about and that we'd go through once during our entire grade school years. I remember my dad taking me to school in his truck on the mornings the bus couldn't make it.

Monkee's school has had several Snow Days already this year. I'd say one of them was really what I would consider a nerve-racking, scary-driving, safety-issue sort of day. And that's mainly because our city does a horrible job of taking care of its neighborhood streets (ours has not been graded/salted in the 5 years we've lived here).

I'd hate to be one of the people who have to make the Snow Day/No Snow Day decision. You know it upsets people. The parents are the ones who have to find alternate care somehow - not everyone can work from home. I'm sure most of the care providers don't get paid for those days (but WE still pay for care on those days, ironically enough).

And not even enough snow for a snowman.

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