Monday, January 7

Like the Frog says, "It's not easy being Green..."

I beg to differ...

I'm usually a mild-to-medium shade of Green, but since I saw Oprah on Friday, I've been obsessively, deep, evergreen Green. I went out and bought The Green Book AND picked up a copy for a friend of mine who I know will find it handy.

The focus of the show was on small things we can do everyday to be more environmentally friendly.
For example:
  • Bank receipts - Do you REALLY need them? I only get them when I make a deposit, to make sure everything goes through
  • Napkins - basically, use less. OR use cloth (they're prettier!)
  • Paper towels - same thing
  • Light Bulbs - when your current bulb dies, use the Compact Flourescent kind. We use them already. They really work. And last. And last.
  • Showers - there are celebrity quotes throughout the book. To save water, energy, and to feel less guilty about using more water to get clean than some people have in a day for drinking, cleaning, cooking, etc... Jennifer Aniston says she has her showers down to 3 minutes. So now I'm wondering, when does she wash her hair? I mean, the woman has a ton of it (last I saw). With my short do, it takes that long to just get soap in and out. I'm certainly not a 3-min. shower kind of girl, but i moved it from 20min to 15 this weekend. My goal is 10 minutes.
  • Insulation - fix your windows. Insulate your water heater. Block those crazy windy doors (we have 2!). See if your energy company can come out and do an energy audit. I had never even heard of such a thing!
  • Recycle - there is really no excuse. I'm lucky in that my city picks up all recycles minus the dangerous stuff, like hazardous waste and glass. Chee and I do a good job of recycling the same amount, if a bit more(!) than we throw away. I even contacted the city to make sure the recycling company we use is actually recycling (i heard nasty rumours they weren't) so I feel better know about the effort it takes, which really, isn't much at all! And best yet, by making it a family effort, I'm showing Monkee that it's the right thing to do.

Oprah also had a segment on cleaners. I've been noticing my asthma acting up when we went on our Holiday cleaning frenzy. Could be the dust, but I have a feeling it was also the cleansers we used. I picked up some "poison-free" cleansers from Seventh Generation this weekend. I'll tell you how they pan out. Shaklee, another cleaning products company from the show is also offering a discount on their starter kit this month.

Watch Friday's show. You'll feel enlightened, a bit scared, but definitely empowered!

How are you leaving the condition of your little corner of our one and only earth for the next generation? Think about it, then DO something about it.


jeanine said...

I have been in the process of changing things to become greener too. One thing I have been replacing is cleaners with the less harsh greener options like you were talking about. Another brand that is good besides the ones you mentioned is Method. I buy it at Target and like it very much. Also Vinegar is another thing you can do a lot with as far as cleaning just about anything. Look for mixes on the Internet.

I must admit, I am bad when taking showers!! 3 minutes? whatever!!!

JeanGenie said...

I watched the same show, and the thing that struck me the most was using a net bag for getting produce at the grocery store. Mortgage Partner and I are already all about using real bags for getting groceries, but all those produce bags sure do add up. So my new green committment is to eliminate those.

I also agree with Jeanine's comment about vinegar--I use a vinegar/h2o combo for just about everything. I also like Method products, and I've been using Palmolive dishsoap (old school) for years because it doesn't have phosphates. Even if you can't afford to go all green, some mainstream companies are better than others.