Saturday, December 29

Tiny things that make noise

Lots and lots of noise. A Barbie that sings - heaven help us. WAY too many noise ornaments that get taken off the tree and played with. A calculating cash register - cha-ching! Button-pushing madness for an otherwise adorable 3yr-old. Simply too many opportunities.

For once, I can't wait to take the tree down. Between the noise and the small section of blinking lights that should NOT be blinking, the plastic wonder-tree is driving me nuts.

**Side-note on the wonder-tree. It is named for the fact that its a wonder I put it up.
I hate plastic trees. Its plastic.
I hate multi-colored lights. Guess what it has.
I hate putting the thing together. I do it every year.
I bought it two years ago, after Christmas. A lovely 7 ftr with white lights. The box said so. The photo said so. The people at the store guaranteed it (verbally). Opened it the year after. Rainbow lights. Oh, how I hate it.

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