Wednesday, October 4

Blog Reader Fanatic

I'm turning into a reader of many. Not sure how it happened, but I'm begining to feel overwhelmed by all the words just regular Jane/Joes have to say online. I'm digging it.

Today - read an awesome blog by a mom with the Wiggles on her mind. And the Krafft brothers. And Drake and Josh. Of course, our KIDS watch these, right? Hmm - who buys the merchandise? Not lil' pumpkin, that's for sure. Although lil' pumpkins new favorite sentence is "you get me that." It has begun!

No more &*%*&* toy catalogs are coming into my house, reaping toddler hell. But now she is asking for "Noggin on the compooter."

Gotta love cyberspace. There is something for everyone.

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