Saturday, January 28

Necessary boredoms

It seems I am always searching for a way to add more time, more organization, more space in my world. It just ain't happenin'. I'm too involved with too many things - and its my own fault. And not just "outside of my house" stuff. Primo example - I was determined to get through a simple to-do list today. Instead, I started a completely different project that could have waited. So one more day with a nasty bathroom floor, but at least the laundry is getting done. My list had a few minor things - hang a few pictures, vacuum, scrub bathtub. Would have taken 2 hrs.

Instead, I started going through all the crap in the office. Cleaned up one bookcase, made a dent in another. I have a stack of Parenting mags going back 3 yrs. I've looked at them maybe 10 times in the last year. There are a few good articles and I'm not much of a cook, but they have doable recipes. So "organizer" me starts going through them. I probably pulled articles from 10 or so. Which means I have a lot to still go through. Now I'll have to take those articles, categorize them (health, food, money, Toddler, etc...) and find a 3-ring binder for them. Thank god for a curious, busy toddler in the house. She was a great excuse to work less on it that my organizer instinct would like. Amazingly, she balances me, usually. :)

Why do I do this to myself? It would have been so simple to just stick to the list. Now I've created an entirely new one. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'll compromise. We decided to take S out to an indoor play place tomorrow. I'm cleaning the frickin bath as soon as I get up in the morning, so I can enjoy the afternoon with no worries - the mags can wait, again. Checkmark! One down. God - life's little necessary boredoms.

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