Tuesday, January 10

Politics, sorta.

So I'd say I move from the left to center. No way am I right. Unlike my family in KS. I can't talk to them about anything political - they are always right/Republican, regardless of the blantantly obvious & the stuff you have dig past in the media to get to the real news(so Dad, if you're reading, sorry). We actually had a HUGE fight when I was in college about Rush Limbaugh. What a waste of breathe - and I never rubbed the whole "drug addiction" in anyone's face when that came up(of course, I'm sure that would have had justification, as well).

Most of our friends are Dems or Indies. I'm at the point where I just want:
A. a leader in the big white house who can speak intelligently, and who has travelled out of his own backyard (we SHARE this planet, after all)
B. someone who at least tries to be nonpartisan
C. the possibility of a leader other countries can respect (versus hate or laugh at, which is what we have now)
D. no more pres. who work for big corporations (i know this is a HUGE stretch, but one can hope)

I'm just sick of the last 6 yrs. What a huge step backwards for us all.
The one bright spot for me (and many of my cohorts) is Senator McCain. A Republican who can think outside of the Rep. cage. I saw him speak recently & I think 2008 is his year. He seems honest, willing to work with other people and isn't trying to make everyone on his side happy ("i've got an idea - let's make the Christian Right happy - nothing else matters"). The worse thing that could happen would be more of the VP in power. Crimeny.

I just hope others are as sick as I am about the last years of shite and "lies" being pushed down our throats by guilt and fear. It has just been so embarassing! Makes me cringe.

I'm going to add a few links to this blog - there are some funny/scary things out there on the Web regarding all this. http://www.commondreams.org is a good place to start.

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