Friday, December 30

Shower thoughts

I do my best thinking in the shower. Always have. When work is stressful, that's when I plan out my day. Weekends, I go over my to-do list. When the baby came along, and showers were rare, I could feel the withdrawal setting in. And my hubbie wonders why they're always 20 minutes.

This morning, my shower topic was this blog. What do I post? I raced through a list of ideas. Lots of things to talk about: my lack of html knowledge, and how this blog will force me to learn; an opportunity to pimp my single friends' good qualities to the world; family angst; thoughts on politics, environment, GW (and how much his administration blows); books & music I love...

I have settled on writing about my blog angst, obviously. I told a few friends I was starting the orange wall, and they want the link. Now I feel pressure - not from them, but the same old pressure I place on myself. So I'm going to do my best to ignore the "she ain't perfect" drill, and just drive (kind of like in Driver's Ed, when I stopped at a Yield, and got yelled at by the football coach - I proceeded to flip him off and gun it. End result was not pretty.)

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