Thursday, December 29

We've only just begun...

I have finally succumbed to the "invisible" pressure. I too, have started a blog. No guarantee how often I will write. Plus, I'm still figuring this blog thing out - love to nose into other people's spaces, but my space will need some serious work before I'm satisfied with it...which for anyone who knows me should not be surprising.

There is so much I should be doing versus this. I think I need a hobby. Maybe this is it. Or maybe the definition of "hobby" just isn't what it used to be. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm living a hobby.)

My new job feels more like a hobby - the company owner trusts us, and "hires adults who don't need babysat." It's a nice change from being forced to ask adult men who know better if an overdue project is done yet. Killed me. I was working in an IT dept. at a small corporation. 4 years I did that. What I got out of it - lots of stress, a decent 401k, several friends I'll continue to associate with...It's strange how that much time can yield so little. I'm glad to have moved on...

I'll try to not use this venue as a bitch board. I may not have a ton of interesting things to say, but for now, this is my little voice to the world.

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