Saturday, December 31

2006 already...

We celebrated Christmas with Chee's fam today. Nana Abuelo Sis - it was really a nice day. Mikey and L joined us. Great way to enjoy the day. Little hassle, no drama. Just food, laughter, mimosas and gifts. Very nice.

Chee and I are staying in tonight. Watching a movie - maybe turning on the tube near the end of day to check out the state of Dick Clark. We're not just staying in 'cause of S, altho that is majority of the reason. Neither one of us wants to hang with a bunch of strangers in a smoky, crowded bar. Maybe we're getting old; or smart; depends on your point of view. 'Course, we're not desperately seeking or playing at partying. Not that either is bad - I've certainly been in both spots. Just fits us better to hang with the one we love, is all.

Here's wishing much love and happy to all out there. My "wants' for 2006 - Love for my singles who are wishing and hoping and trying and praying (each in their own way). Health for all my fam; love to (and for) my sis and her kids; happy busy for my Kev; nothing but good love for Neighbor Mike; satisfaction, stability and great sex(!)for L, T and Camel; joy to my Chee and S. I love you all so much -- thanks for being in my life.

Here's to an excellent new year.
Make your own beauty.

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