Friday, December 30


Same night, different subject...You know what is unnerving? Looking through a friggin' year of digi pix and finding maybe, oh, 15 of you. TOTAL. I'm not talking about the just the good ones, I'm talking TOTAL. All I wanted was one cute photo of me alone. None. NONE. SO sad. I need to figure out the timer on my camera, obviously.

When I'm always on the photographer end, it's a little disconcerting to see a life without me in it. Lots of my girl and hubbie. But he has the bad habit of taking pix of inanimate objects in nature - rocks, plants, skyscapes, ruins, landmarks. Our honeymoon photos have more pix of dead trees than of me. *sigh* I know he loves me, but I think I need to press this issue. Just a little. I didn't think it bothered me so much. Ah, the minor issues that raise their heads when you aren't looking...

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