Friday, January 6

Good coffee

I've noticed lately that new coffee shops are popping up all over town. I think it's wonderful. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but it allows for excellent meeting spots where people will not be getting drunk; granted, people who are drunk will stop in once in awhile, but that just makes things more interesting.

I just like the variation of ambiences these indie coffee houses come up with. I'd like a room like that in my house. :) Some have live music at nite - which can get annoying sometimes (too loud to converse). Few have comfy chairs like they used to. I would think it

Having all the great indie places leaves no excuse for people to go to the "global coffee monstrosities." If you frequent particular coffee places, they get to know you and your tastes, leading to coffee made exactly your way, not made to fit the corp. recipe. And if your ambrosia is made by someone other than yourself, don't you want it to be made-to-order?

It's such a nice change.

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