Monday, January 23

The first step is admitting it...

I admit, I am an American Idol junkie.
I'm slowly getting drug into Tuesday and Wednesday tv. And I usually despise what is on network tv. I hate the initial episodes where they show the poor off-key singing souls with their freaky costumes and freakier voices. But once they get the people who can actually sing, I'm completely riveted.

i have a tendency to root for the weird ones. The less Brittany, and more Avril. More Bo, less Carrie (although her country girl-ness definitely had some sentimental value for me). I'm all for the rock stars - the pop kids need to just sit down - we have too many of the cookie-cutters out there as it is. Which is why most radio sucks. (Exception - out of the U of Wash.)

There was a guy on AI last week who was a total rock star. Married a chick with 2 kids - she was there and so teary as she "gave him his chance." I wondered how I would handle that, once he was a star, that is. Talk about having to be flexible. I dug the guy though, and his story. They don't tell stories until they actually make it some sort of distance in the contest. i'm interested in hearing him sing again.

One thing I can say that is really positive, other than giving people their 15 min. of fame, it also shows me how many interesting people are out there. Not to mention showing the rest of the world the same. Americans can be such individuals (at least the under 30s) - and isn't that cool? Look out Republicans - the weirdos are getting older.

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