Wednesday, January 11

Mild humilation and a great visit.

The two events in the header have absolutely nothing to do with one I'll start with the visit.

My beloved cousin D was in town last weekend. He is my sis's age, and was always the "younger brother" in our family. He is a great kid (guy, whatever) and I don't get to see him very often. Strangely enough, I can't remember the last time I actually sat down and chatted with him. I now feel as though I have missed out. D, if you read this, I don't mean to embarrass you, but you are an extremely funny, personable, entertaining, intelligent, easy guy to hang with. I wish I knew the perfect girl to send your way, 'cause you'd be a wonderful catch for someone (even if ATVing is your hobby). ;) I feel like I've missed out on being your friend as we've all become older. I really want you to keep in touch. Chee and B had a great time as well. Next time we'll do pool and beer instead of coffee. :) Maybe the hi-po will station you with a few hours of us - that would be very cool. You are always welcome in our home.

As for the mild humiliation - scenario is: Chee and I have LOTS of single friends. I really think we have more than the average happily married couple. And I want ALL my singles to find a happy double. With that in mind, I did some searching on, not seriously having any certain person in mind, I just wanted to help. Bad move on my part - I was looking at women seeking men, and lo and behold, saw an interesting match for our friend Mikey, so I sent. I got a little carried away and saw several other options, and sent to him. Then saw a great one for friend T. Sent to her. Catch that? HER. Oops. T (not knowing yours truly is an idiot) sent the nice lady an intro email. Caveat - no name was in the online ad and T is hetero. So, plot thickens. Nice lady writes T back. Signs it with "Kathy." T finds this hilarious and calls me to rub it in - what are friends for? T even tells her Dad. O god - good thing I embarrass easily - more fun for T that way. Poor Kathy.

Morale of story: Be careful when sending "helpful" emails - or at least make sure you get your genders/sex orientation straight (pun not intended).

BTW - Happy Birthday, T! I'm glad I made you laugh your ass off today.

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