Wednesday, February 22

It's been awhile

And even though I haven't posted anything in awhile, its not for lack of thinking about it. Of course, a few of my evening hours are dedicated to American Idol (SO sad) and to some work projects that are made easier if I can sit down for 45 min. or so and read through docs I don't have time to review at work (again, sad).

My daughter loves Idol. She calls it "Bad Singer." Even though the supposed good singers are now on. My favs: Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks. Couple of the girls are great, but I wish there was more of a female voice variety. No femme rockers this year, which sucks.

So I've had some family drama lately. My sis is divorcing her clueless brute of a husband. I feel bad for her struggle, but am glad she is moving on the Happy. She has been stuck in Sad for too many years now. Her 3 yr-old daughter is showing visible signs of relief now that her dad is not around as much - which says a lot. Of course, her son is unhappy (he's almost 6). Kids just have a hard time understanding that their parents are human. I have no doubt this is the best for all of them. He was never really the "Dad" - just played the role when he had too (when my sister guilted him into it). The whole thing makes me so grateful for my hubbie.


Anonymous said...

So, who do you think is going to take American Idol this year? Some of the girls are showing promise. Haven't heard any of he guys yet. Oh, by the way I'm glad she is getting rid of him, I don't think anyone really liked him anyways. Talk to ya later.


Anonymous said...
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