Friday, January 4

Suggestions, galore!

I asked, and you sent...seems the "Bond" portion is a favorite. I'm leaning to a Blog identity sans the name, unfortunately. I have not looked any of these up, so for all I know,t hey may be used already. But, see list below *some left off due to identity concerns.

And NO STEALING these!! (I just know you want to!)

  • Recovering Librarian
  • The queen of draught
  • Bondage and You (sent because "it'll attract a lot of random hits")
  • Me, the kid, and the decrepid old goat I call Sweetie
  • I am not Steve McQueen
  • I am not a Hilton (topical, no?)
  • Michael: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Universe (from our friend of the same name)
  • The bond effect
  • Bond Ambition
  • A family bond
  • REDbond
  • Sassy and bond
  • Running with bond
  • Arts and bond
  • Bondshavemorefun
  • GentlemanPreferBonds

seeing a pattern here?

  • Off the List
  • Spread too Thin
  • Writing Myself
  • Fweetie
  • Fweetie B
  • Midwest Musings
  • Communicae
  • Iggy Thump
  • The beauty of Life and My Obsessions
  • Bean Soup
  • A Friend of Mine Told Me....
  • Life, Love and the Untold
  • Virtual Fwee
  • Jumping to Conclusions
  • etc...

I've heard there are a few more coming...I'll add as they arrive. I'll have a new name by next week. I'm so excited. Thanks to all!!

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