Monday, December 31

Holidays never last long enough, until we're sick of them

Its been a good holiday. We've seen some loved ones from afar, received and given some lovely gifts, gone to the Nutcracker, attended Christmas Eve service at a Catholic church (which non-Catholics that we are, we actually enjoyed!), donated blood and goods, and eaten too much rich, wonderful food!

We had a few hiccups, my recurring hacking cough and migraine and our car accident...but I'll get better and the car is in the shop, so things are looking up. I'm back to work on the 2nd, so I'm trying to enjoy these remaining 2 days. I know there are a million things around here I need to be taking care of, and I'll kick myself for not doing it while I had time, but this cold is befuddling all my well-laid plans.

It's certainly been an interesting year, which I won't go into detail here - my punishment for not blogging when it happened. Really, life just happened. And we're still here to show for it.

Here's to more blogs in 2008, and many exciting changes for our family and friends. And if my head hurt less right now...I'd write more on that topic.

Happy Happy to All!

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