Wednesday, January 2

Help Me with a Blog name.

I need help, and I can't give you anything for it, EXCEPT the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you've helped someone out in their darkest hour (well, minute anyway).

I've decided in 2008 I'll be posting on a regular basis, no mean feat for me.
And in doing so, I'm looking for a new blog name. Something interesting, possible quirky. Something that most moms and women could "get." Something my friends will read and say "oh, yeah. That's her."

Previous blog names, all for this blog (I just keep changing the URL, since no one really reads it - yet!) include:
- The Orange Wall (I had just painted and this felt fun)
- Fweetieb Me (bad grammar to the extreme)
and of course
- Life as a Bond - which makes no sense unless you know me offline.

SO - suggestions? Ideas? Am I crazy to be changing again?
Help me, people!!


dorothy said...

I find it hilarious that you want to volunteer MORE - you are the most volunteering chick I know! I hate naming things, and I struggle with this in my job, for which I have to name all sorts of widgets and things all the time.

What about Recovering Librarian?

george from jungle said...

what about: The queen of draught ?