Saturday, January 5

Blog Name

After much, much debate, brainstorming and research(!), I've decided to stick with what I know. Really, I'm "Just Fweetieb" after all.


JeanGenie said...

like the name, fweetieb...I think I'm going to have to change my blog design as I've noticed we like the same background. Straight up and classy!

Penguins Can Be So Sensitive said...

Love the kicky, red 'do!

cranial midget said...

Well, I wish I'd known about your request (and your blog) sooner - I dig playing on the Bond theme, especially all the junior-high pun names for Bond women. But then, I have a hard time remaining within the confines of socially acceptable humor, so it's probably just as well that I missed it!

Now that I know about your blog, I look forward to the readings...I'll hook you up on the Curmudgeon site, too.


Fweetieb said...

CM - Yes, many Bond women title possibilities...but since my life ('til now, anyway) has been on the far side of that spectrum, I scrapped them. :)

Love the curmudgeon site.