Friday, January 18

Children International - Lift One Up

I typed a HUGE post about Children International. Then, with a blink of 'Publish Post' it magically DISAPPEARED. AARRGGHHH!

Here is the short version.

We're sponsors.

You should be too. LOTS of good reasons (notice the 1 of 800 pgs).

Many great things can happen.

Just ask Curmudgeon.

Or Lina.

1 comment:

cranial midget said...

Well, this might be the third time I've tried posting a comment about this. We've been losing our internet connection sporadically.

How long have you been sponsoring a child? That is spectaular. They REALLY do make a difference in poor kids' lives. It's friggin awesome. Glad you are doing that.

Sorry to hear about your failed (frustrating) attempt to start a Lift One campaign. They might still be working out some kinks! :(

I hope you try again - and I hope you are feeling better!