Monday, February 4

Book Lover's Web site

My darlin' Chee sent me this - GoodReads.

I love it and have 20-odd books entered thus far. Its a thriving community. Don't be fooled - people still do chose books over tv. It happens - this site is proof.

Ah, how far we've come since keeping those two spiral-bound notebooks at my first library job "Books I've Read (and what I rate them)" and "Books To Read." At one point, leaving the library was a huge relief to me, since the books i wanted to read had so out-paced the time I had to read them. I was completely stressed-out over it and it was a relief to put it away.

Now that recommending books is a love, not a job, I can start listing away once again, for anyone who cares, to see. With no pressure whatsoever.

On another point - it's Super Tuesday eve, y'all! Don't forget to vote!


cranial midget said...

It's an awesome idea. I tried to sign-up twice now - both times I got booted out after filling in my name and email.


I'll try again tomorrow.


cranial midget said...

Okay - I made it on...but I don't know anyone! It is such a great idea...

FweetieB, you're gonna have to email your address to me so I will at least have one friend there!

Sad and lonely, :~(