Monday, February 25


Our Monkee is hysterical. Really. She's a complete goofball and I know a large portion of "why" is thanks to her daddy. It all started with the hysteria invoked with a flying lotion bottle when she was a mere 5 months old. The guffaws that came from that tiny little body were the same as the ones that come from our almost 4-yr old. Priceless.

We've been taught so much from the songs we hear daily - such as -- Did YOU know that "Princesses are as sweet as jello"? Or that the best dance move in the world is a bottom-wiggle? Or that the louder you ask a dog a question, the more likely it is that you will get an actual answer? And now she is making up "jokes." Help. Us.

In my house, it's all true. And we're constantly amazed at the next crazy thing that comes out of her mouth. A more-than-perfect reason to wake up every morning.


cranial midget said...

I concur - she is a riotous angel-monkey.

Sitting in the other room while the adults (the so-called adults) gabbed post-dinner, she let us know a few times that she was lonely (sitting 6 feet from us).

I went in and sat with her and she just stared talking like we were a couple of old we were both adults.

Little does she know how much growing up I have to do!

What a pleasure.

JeanGenie said...

Kids say the best things. Ever. I still tell really dated stories of my nieces and nephews because they crack me up so much.

The best example is when my now 11-year-old nephew asked D whether he was a boy or a girl. (You'd think the facial hair would have been a clue, but maybe not...) Now that is good stuff!

Cherish what Monkee says, and try to get recordings of it!