Tuesday, August 19

Maternity what? And some happy pix.

I had a sonogram last Friday - baby girl is growing just like she's supposed to be. Already estimated to weigh 5.5 lbs. If she continues to grow like this, she'll be around 8.5 lbs. Hearing that scared me shitless - Monkee was 7.6 and I almost had to get sliced to have her. No way will a bigger baby fit through these hips...c-section, here I come.

Chee and I discussed tonight the money situation once baby girl comes. Especially, how the hell will we pay for our regular bills once I go on short-term disability? I've been putting off even thinking about it. It depresses me. And as tired as I've been, the last thing I want to think about is financial hardship. Ugh and damn. And who the hell termed it short-term disability? It blows my mind that its in the same category as workman's comp...AND the damn forms ask for a date of leave. If you're not planning on scheduling your birth, it's all a guess. I think I'd prefer to pay more taxes and get oh, I don't know, a YEAR off like they do in Italy. So not fair.

So - changing to some happy...I found these pictures and they just made me smile. And I needed that today.

Can't tell they're related...cheeseballs.

Cutest damn dog in the world. I just wanted to steal him away in my purse. Look at that face! And i usually hate little dogs...but Apollo is a rockstar pup.

*sob* I'm just so proud.

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