Wednesday, August 6

Nearing the end of summer

You can always tell when summer is coming to a close, from everyone's hectic schedules.

Trying to fit in a simple dinner date is near impossible, even if they don't have school-aged kids. I realized last week that we hadn't been to the zoo yet this summer, even though we have a family pass. We'd gotten sick of the zoo by August this year. So Chee and Monkee forged out into the heat early Saturday morning and came home a few hours later. They both went straight into Napland. There's not much more exhausting than summer humidity. Ugh. I love my AC.

There are other things I'd like to squeeze in, but not only do I have summer ending to be aware of, but there is the small item of a new baby to consider - granted, she's not due until Sept. 30, but there are a few signs point to a possible early arrival (which I am FREAKING OUT about). Of course, it may be more due to the freaking that there are signs at all. Or maybe they're just in my imagination. Whatever. I have too much shit to do in the next 6 weeks. Especially since my waist is basically gone, so bending over to lift anything is out. As is being on my feet for more than an hour, carrying heavy loads of laundry, and going outside when it's over 95 degrees. (Dude, summer just sucks).

So here's to scheduling three and a half weeks out...let's hope I don't have this baby early. That would just thrown my whole damn calendar off.

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