Wednesday, February 25

Ok, you can hate me now...

I had my dear Chee drag up the "pre-pregnancy pants" tub from the basement last night. And joy of all joys, I can fit into the majority of those things.

My dear friend Rita lent me several pair of jeans I have been dutifully wearing ever since prego pants sagged on me. When those jeans started to sag, I had a nightmarish vision of having to come up with the cash to buy new britches. Then, my post-pregnancy, sleep-deprived brain remembered - the "tubs in the basement." Where all pre-preggers clothes supposedly went to die. I just knew I'd never fit into my "pre" clothes. After all, everyone says that after the second, their bodies never went back.

Here's the kicker - I haven't worked out once and I eat everything I get my hands on. And I'm still back into the pre pants, and Little is only 5 months old this weekend.

I know breastfeeding is a big part of the equation. I'm sure that once I stop, if I keep eating like I am now, the preggers pants may have to make a comeback. Ugh.

But I am here to tell you, internets - my genetics are freakin' awesome. (Thanks, mom.)

So when you see me in my "skinny" jeans, feel free to hate me. And my genes.


Rita Arens said...

I already hated your genes. Which is why I gave you my jeans. ha!

SusanW said...

I definitely hate your genes/jeans - justin is a little over 2 and I'm still not back to my skinny clothes!