Wednesday, February 11

Exhaustion reigns

Have you ever been so tired that you look at spilled water (or juice or milk) on the floor and catch yourself thinking "it can wait until morning?"

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have done this more than once the last several weeks. Little is still not sleeping through the night - she can get a good 5 hours in. She's so tired when she gets home from school (way too much stimulation) that she sleeps from 6:30 or so until 11. I take her up to bed, and she wakes up for food. Then sleeps until 3-ish, then until 6. We're missing that quality cereal-eating time that would (hopefully) fill her up to help her sleep better. I'm not sure how to handle it...i don't want to wake her up to eat (that would so piss her off), but she digs on her cereal...i suppose it's all guesswork right now.

And i'm working a lot. This was my first week of a new, 34 hr-wk schedule. But there is so much going on this week, that I'll be way over (which means, technically, I won't get paid for those hours over 34). I am complaining, but not loudly. I'm thrilled to have a job and be busy. So I'll suck it up - it's not like I'm the only one at my job who is working over my "allotted" hours right now. It's part of the gig.

Once the schedule is really set, I'm hoping I'll have more time to get stuff done around the homestead. This place is a pit (maybe becuase of spilt milk?). I'm about ready to spring clean the shit out of this place. Give me a babysitter and a warm weekend -- the kids and Chee are getting kicked out and I'm throwing out most things that aren't nailed down. I'm tired of walking over and around things constantly. I think just the thought of what I'm not getting done at home is making me more tired...And since there is no new house in sight for us right now, purging is the next best thing. Wish me luck. Garage Sale, anyone?

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SD said...

screw the housework. get a date night and relax! makes the exhaustion seem much more worth it!