Thursday, July 23

Travelling man...

or WOman, as the case is.

I went on my first business trip this week. It was fine.

It was to LA. I stayed at a fancy hotel. Ate fancy food on the rooftop of a fancy club. Slept in a big, fancy bed, all to myself. Saw lots of super-fancy cars and people who thought they were fancy (store-bought boobs do NOT a person of class make).

And I missed my messy little family. And my cluttered little house. And a crowded bed at 6am. And my very, very not fancy car.

It was an overnight trip - technically, around 36 hours. Lord - if I ever have to leave for a week I'll be a basket-case.

Thursday, July 9

Social Media Stagnation

I'm trying really hard to stay enthused about Social Media.

To me, now that my job doesn't technically require me to keep up on it all, that means logging into Twitter a few times a week, reading a few blogs (work and non) weekly, checking in on Facebook every 4 days or so, and making sure my LinkedIn account is still living.

I must have jumped in on it all at a good time, but frankly, I'm just hella burned out. I know all the rules ('if you use it right, it can do wonders for you!'), but they just seem like a drain on my oh-so-precious time. Blogging included. I'm forcing this post (can you tell?) and allotting all of 15 min. I was up for several hours last night with Little. My lack of REM sleep is dragging my already dragging butt even lower.

So I've decided to use my time more wisely and with less stress. Blog when I feel like it, no underlying guilt (it certainly hasn't been working thus far). Facebook as necessary (and is it ever REALLY necessary?), and Twittering when I actually have something to say. I plan on sticking to sponging up what other people are writing, saving noteworthy pieces to my delicious account, and living in the real world for awhile.

Remember that place?