Wednesday, February 22

It's been awhile

And even though I haven't posted anything in awhile, its not for lack of thinking about it. Of course, a few of my evening hours are dedicated to American Idol (SO sad) and to some work projects that are made easier if I can sit down for 45 min. or so and read through docs I don't have time to review at work (again, sad).

My daughter loves Idol. She calls it "Bad Singer." Even though the supposed good singers are now on. My favs: Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks. Couple of the girls are great, but I wish there was more of a female voice variety. No femme rockers this year, which sucks.

So I've had some family drama lately. My sis is divorcing her clueless brute of a husband. I feel bad for her struggle, but am glad she is moving on the Happy. She has been stuck in Sad for too many years now. Her 3 yr-old daughter is showing visible signs of relief now that her dad is not around as much - which says a lot. Of course, her son is unhappy (he's almost 6). Kids just have a hard time understanding that their parents are human. I have no doubt this is the best for all of them. He was never really the "Dad" - just played the role when he had too (when my sister guilted him into it). The whole thing makes me so grateful for my hubbie.