Saturday, March 8

Its been a rough week

5 days of the flu/horrid cold. No strep, thank goodness. And now Monkee has the same yuck. There is nothing more pathetic than a sick, weepy little kid. Not much to do but watch cartoons (she'll settle for old movies sometimes), drink juice and snot all over the couch. We've been through 3 family size tissue boxes this week. Lovely.

So illness has been the focus of my household. Haven't watched the news, checked my email, answered the phone or left the house for anything other than doc appts.

Chee has been a trooper. Took care of Monkee while I was sick; took care of me; bought random supplies and meds, without a complaint. What a guy. Today he's locked away in the office, typing away. He hasn't had the time to write much, what with babysitting me all week. So today I'm trying to switch that around so he can have some time for himself. It's the least I can do.

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love having someone come and clean the house. I pick it up, she scrubs. It was SO wonderful to have her come yesterday, after a week of not being able to clean anything. Its necessary for us. Now lets just hope Chee stays healthy.