Thursday, May 22

Serious Earthquake relief

Thursday, May 15

Happy Birthday, Monkee-girl

My little girl is 4 today. And so thrilled that it's HER day. We made ice cream cone cupcakes (basically cupcakes in a cone) last night and she was a great helper. I'll post some b-day pix. Her favorite card "EVER EVER, Momma" was from her Grandpa Doc and Lori.

It (oh my god) played music. From Peter Pan. Over and over. And over. She adores it. Good call, Grandpa.

Heading into her school today to take the cone cupcakes and goody bags in. I've never been able to go to a party of hers at school before, so this should be interesting. I hope she has fun and doesn't get clingy, which she has a tendency to do when she gets embarrassed.

My darling girl...have a wonderful day!