Sunday, April 18

"Gone off blogging"

So I logged in to my blogger account today, and saw a comment from a few weeks back...someone sent me well wishes in my real life since "you've gone off blogging" and I thought, Damn, I HAVE gone off blogging. I'm a tweeter now, and I put up a daily Facebook comment. I try to not be particularly trite, which is why this blog is so hellishly outdated. I've been feeling trite lately.

I'm enjoying reading my friends' blogs, which are much more interesting than I thought possible (sorry). But really, the biggest thing lately is that life is busy, I'm traveling or have dinner mtngs for work several times a month, when I'm hom ein the evenings I want to be HOME and not in computer-land. Plus, Chee is on the home computer a LOT in the evenings, which means my time here is limited. (I'm hoping to add a laptop to our little family soon.) Basically, I have all the excuses in the world to not write in this little diary to the Internets.

I feel I'm at a fork in the road...this blog lacks focus. If I could reign it in and concentrate on one thing (work? family? books? news I find interesting? link sharing?) maybe I could keep it better updated.

But really, let me just think on that one.

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chumly said...

I feel like this and blow off the blog stuff. So I just wanted to say what you just wrote made a lot of sense to me.